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Simply Risk Control Limited (SRC) is a survey and risk tracking provider for underwriters and brokers within Lloyd’s of London and the London Market. SRC offer a streamlined survey and risk management package, for commercial property and liability risks, by using innovative proprietary software surveymaster™.

SRC’s high quality and comprehensive risk analysis service is cost-effective and enables underwriters and brokers to quickly understand the level of exposure with ease. SRC’s professional solutions and practical approach benefit the insured as well as the insurers.

SRC also help private clients with a variety of matters, for example annual audits, H&S management systems and expert opinion on how to manage either a portfolio of properties (residential or commercial) or a unique or complex property such as a country Estate. 

Minimising risk or losses benefits everyone, which is the core of SRC’s services and why we've been operating successfully for 14 years.

Our values

We value our people, clients and suppliers – we listen, respect each person and firmly believe in ‘partnering’ to deliver the best solutions.

We pride ourselves on our:

  • cost-effective solutions
  • common sense approach
  • surveying expertise
  • track record
  • high standards

In essence, we take care of your surveys, risk tracking, risk management and environmental issues so you can focus on your core business.